I love Christmas when it finally gets here after all the stressy build-up but I am not sure that Christmas really loves me.  All too often I start the new year feeling bloated from over-indulgence and under-activity.

This year I am consciously trying something different to help me start 2018 in a great frame of mind (and body!).  Do you fancy joining me with these three attitudes / approaches / tips (whatever you want to call them!) as a guide?  I know this looks like it’s all about ME but I genuinely believe that if I am ok in myself and connected to my heart centre, I can be of more use to others.  Here we go…

I have just one body in this lifetime and it works 100% in my favour, to take care of it. If I over-stress my system, this will affect my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.  So I am going to go easy on myself and try to keep things in balance with the following guidelines:
a) don’t seriously overindulge just ‘because it’s Christmas’ – some treats are good but I sometimes go over the top! If that happens don’t beat myself up!
b) if I have too much one day, cut back the next or as soon as I can and restore balance.
c) drink plenty of water; get plenty of sleep.

Give myself the gift of some time (however small) every day over the Christmas period which is just for me.  Time to come back to my heart centre.  Some people get there by mindfulness or meditative techniques; others prefer to spend the time on a favourite hobby where they are out of their overactive, thinking minds and into the spaciousness of loving what they are doing. This is a connection to our true essence and feels like stepping into a warm bath.  This gift is freely available for all of us every day of the year and not just for Christmas!

I only learned the science this year that when we genuinely care for others from a place of love without looking for our own reward, endorphins start whizzing around our own bodies and we benefit as much as the recipient, perhaps even more?  I know that it can be as simple as a small act of kindness, a smile, a gesture, or perhaps listening with enthusiasm to a story I have heard 100 times before.  It can be something bigger like being part of a group charitable initiative or sometimes only I will know the act of kindness I have performed – and that is fine too. So my guideline to myself is to be aware of kindness and not to be afraid to follow where that leads – umm, not sure if that nails it – what do you think?


What is your top tip for a great Christmas?

Email me – I would love to hear from you and if I get enough responses, I will collate them (they will be anonymous!) and put them out for others.

My top Christmas tip is….

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations and here’s hoping that you start 2018 feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the new year.

Staying Centred

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