Dementia Support

Many of our lives have been touched by dementia either through family or friends or even our own expression of it.  I saw this event happening at the Powerhouse and felt that it would be something that I would like to attend and wonder if you might be interested too?  I see there are only 25 spaces available so best to sign up sooner rather than later if it appeals to you….

Here’s the link to register for the session.

And here is some more information on what will be provided and what you might get from the one hour introduction:

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

Spiritual Companion

I have been profoundly interested in what makes us tick as human beings for the last 30 years. This exploration has seen me qualify as a Homeopath, a Reflexologist, and a Teacher and I have delved deep to follow my own spiritual path.

Some years ago I came across The Three Principles as expressed by Sydney Banks and therein discovered a profound explanation of how our thinking can take over our lives completely. At the same time I have also trained with William Bloom as a Spiritual Companion and find that a new way of looking at life is emerging from many quarters.  I now feel called to share these understandings as a spiritual support and benevolent presence for others.

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