A new understanding of how our life experience is created

Does life seem an uphill struggle? You may wonder why the simple joy of being alive is so elusive, and often replaced with worries over everything that’s wrong with your life and the world. You may experience magic moments but they are few and far between.

If you feel you’re short on joy in your life, join JULIET FAY (Three principles Facilitator) and CHRISTINE SMITH (Spiritual Companion) in conversation, introducing a new understanding of how life works, known as The Three Principles, as expressed by Sydney Banks.

Outcomes we are aiming for:

  • laughing more
  • loving more
  • discovering unexpected avenues to explore in your life

Listen to Sydney Banks explain a little about finding happiness and how knowledge of The Three Principles can help (with thanks to Roger Kavoly for the video).

If you have any queries about the day or would like to chat to Juliet or Chris, please get in touch either via the email contact facility on this website or call 01570 434705.  We look forward to hearing from you.

“Tread not into yesterday’s sorrows, for they are the pathways of despair.”

(Sydney Banks, The Enlightened Gardener)

Juliet Fay

Juliet Fay

Three Principles Facilitator

Juliet has a background in communication. After working in overseas development and organic farming, she set up a marketing and training consultancy in 2007, providing creative copywriting, training, mentoring and coaching to micro businesses, public, private and third sector staff.

New directions opened up for Juliet after she came across the Three Principles while watching a video of a conversation between Molly Gordon and Mary Schiller, two American transformational coaches. This first glimpse of a new understanding of human experience intrigued Juliet and led to her immersion and study of the Three Principles.

She completed a private coach training programme with Mary Schiller in July 2016 and is currently enrolled on The Insight Space, Three Principles Facilitator Training 2016/17 in London, UK.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith

Spiritual Companion

Chris has been profoundly interested in what makes us tick as human beings for the last 30 years. This exploration has seen her qualify as a Homeopath, a Reflexologist, and a Teacher and she has delved deep to follow her own spiritual path.

Three years ago she came across The Three Principles as expressed by Sydney Banks and therein discovered a profound explanation of how life really works.  She has since trained with some of the top facilitators in this field and now shares this approach with others.

She is also currently training with William Bloom for a Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness to be a spiritual support and benevolent presence for others.


Venue 1: Cwrtnewydd, near Lampeter
Date / Time: Saturday 11th March from 10am – 4pm

Venue 2: Ferryside, Carmarthenshire
Date / Time: Saturday 18th March from 10am – 4pm

Cost: £25, £50 or £75 per person (please choose what you would like to pay).

To Bring:  Dress casually, food to share for a pot luck lunch.

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